The Project


The Gateway To The Sky Project is a tongue in cheek acknowledgement that security is not the barrier to using public cloud services, but a chance for us to make security a transparent part of the infrastructure.
This is as much about philosophy, as it is technology, and that is a philosophy of making sure technology is there to address the needs of the business and customers, as cost effective and as safe and reliably, as we can. Sometimes we hang on to technology because it’s comfortable. We repeat our designs and deployments because we know it works, and our success in technology today becomes our failure. Failure to evolve. Failure to recognize we are fundamentally there to deliver a service. A service that is becoming more critical, to the lives and livelyhood of the world. We believe in challenging concepts and breaking conventions, not to destroy, but to ensure we have done all we can to protect and delivery that service. In that effort, we believe in education, and open discussion, and the assessment of the real data we have, not our perceptions of what it was. The hard part isn’t learning new technologies, sometimes it’s forgetting the old ones.

A little about me

Raised my children with a firewall ; shamed a large airline into using SSL for check-in ; front line for the security as some of the biggest corporations went online for the first time ; 20 years of helping every sector define, deploy, and defend their infrastructure ; Thinks learning a new programming language is a great way to relax on holiday ; Dreams in key/value pairs ; Obsessed with putting everything in containers ; Loving every minute of it.

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