The project is open.

Sign up and then send me a message to let me know you made it.

This is all done through a web browser, no special software or prior knowledge required, using free and open source solutions and with a focus on simplicity.

All you need is some spare time and the desire to learn. This is new for all of us, we are all starting from the same place.


Look complicated? You are not going to care about this part for much longer. I don’t need help configuring and updating systems, I need help teaching the systems to do it on their own. What you see there is for the machines, not us. Writing code for machines is a little different then writing software a human would use. The machines are not interested in a great user interface. They want data. The more you use it, the better it gets.

We will create real world micro services that are elastic beyond physical infrastructure and secure on delivery. Or at least it might be. Come see what a grumpy old security admin does in an agile world. This is a safe place to poke holes. Then we fix them. In ways we are still imagining. This is a chance to get it right, before the mad rush to an agile world.

Then everything changes.