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A little about Kellman

Raised my children with a firewall ; shamed a large airline into using SSL for check-in ; front line for the security as some of the biggest corporations went online for the first time ; 20 years of helping every sector define, deploy, and defend their infrastructure ; Thinks learning a new programming language is a great way to relax on holiday ; Dreams in key/value pairs ; Obsessed with putting everything in containers ; Loving every minute of it.

Experience In The Industry

I started with servers and services, unix admin at heart that built mail servers, terminal servers, Domain Name servers, Web Servers, Database servers, of all types, but usually with a preference for BSD based systems. Linux was just an ambitious project when I started. I scripted in perl, it was my virtual swiss army knife as I watched my systems being hacked, taken down and hijacked for others use. That is what led me to focus on security, trying to use this wonderful communications network called the Internet, but without loosing all my data in the process. I eventually found myself on the first firewall team for EDS, and pioneered security policy and design across Canada as we forged ahead, putting businesses online for the first time with some of the first technologies for security to really take hold, like the Check Point firewall-1 or the original Cisco PIX. From EDS, I moved to a telecomunications company, Alcatel and expanded my background into carrier technologies like DSLAM, DWDM, ATM, and spent time connecting these to local area network technologies like token ring, and ethernet. Not happy just pushing packets, I forged ahead to learn VoIP and PBX integration, before making a phonecall over the LAN seemed like a reasonable idea. In connecting traditional phone services to the local area network, and ultimatly the Internet, the stark reality of risk we introduced sent me back to focus on security, and into the company I still think of as family, Check Point Software Technologies. I spent the next 14 years in a variety of roles in the US and Canada in support of customer security. Now I bring the lessons learned back to the market, and prepare for another change in the industry. Here is where you find me, head in the clouds, ready for the next technology challenge.

Allot More About Kellman

Allot About Kellman

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