Who can you trust? Is it just me, or does this sound a little hopeless?

By now you are wondering what this is all about, and to really show you, it is going to take a leap of faith.

Do you trust me?

I can share with you a private certificate that will unlock the real site underneath the one you see here. There is no malicious intent, nothing illegal going on, just individuals banding together to exercising a right to privacy.

I used to whine about how people were just giving up their rights online, and were not considering the impact this will have to their future, their kids future, etc. Enough whining. It was wrong of me to expect action from others, when I am the one that can actually take action.

You see, I’m a grumpy old security admin, who has been doing this for far too long, and I think we can do something about this privacy thing. Dear entity that thinks they can pry into my digital life anytime they want, I have a surprise for you. It is never going to be that easy, not with the resources we have now.

It costs money to fight back, but with cloud architecture and public infrastructure the cost has never been lower. It is beyond reasonable for us to fight back, and I’m taking as many people with me that want to come.

If you trust me, dear reader of this blog, and know me personally, you are welcome. There is no expectation of knowledge. If you can help out with resources, that would be great, but the intention is not to make money. I can help you take your data back. If this turns into some big VC funded app of the week, I fear that completely defeats the purpose. This stays with family and friends, your data stays with you.

I have a way of launching services that not even I, as the person who started them, can access as an admin, once they start running. They do simple jobs that can keep you safe online, and no human interaction ensures your privacy is between you and the machine. Creativity is the limit, and I would love to hear what you would do with your own personal gateway in the sky. A few things I have tested on my own are proxy (tired of the ‘not available in your country message? Ha! What country would you like me to be from?) actions, media players, social media assistance (ask me what the heck that could be ;)

Still interested?

Question is, do I trust you?