Gateway In The Sky Services

Training and Education Services

Information technology services move fast, and it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with it. Worried about security? Migrating to Cloud services? Do you know what you are in for managing security in a cloud enabled, devops world? Ever heard of blockchain, and what it means beyond bitcoin? How will machine learning change your business? It is an amazing technology, but as a market, we are only at the start, and already our expectations are unreasonable. How about some practical and useful understanding of how machine learning was never about artificial intelligence? Drawing on years of experience training a sales and engineering field has led to some lessons learned on training in technology. These modules are offered in bite size chunks, that is to say in 2 -5 hour sessions that avoid the full day approach to training. Trying to cover complex topics in a condensed 8 hour day does not foster goal oriented training or application of skills learned. I highly recommend a program of sessions spaced out, that can include exercises and follow up that supports the application of new skills. Once we have established a certain level of face to face time, students can continue their training online, with custom modules designed around the technologies and projects they want to work on. The end goal is to be self sufficent, and as they become more proficent. Students migrate themselves off of the abstration layers created for training, and into their own design. Together, learning from each other, we all get better. Choose from focused sessions or contact for custom requests.

Public Speaking and Special Events

Experienced public speaker, available for private and public events. Content can be customized from existing topics, or created to address an original or unique topic to your event. My primary focus is Information Technolgy, and am comfortable presenting and engaging all aspects of interest from the deeply technical, to the more business focused. If someone is going to give me 45 minutes of their life, my goal is to educate or enlighten them on something new. And even if I am unable to show you something new, I will at the very least entertain you.

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Consulting and Project Support

Have a specific project in mind? Looking for assistance, or even a review of your project with a qualification of security risk and viability of service? Confidential engagements are available for your project or business.

Custom request? Let us know what could help you.