Jukebox From Hell

Have you tried the Jukebox? I put this online, with no sanitation of input, to test what happens when you hack a container in a real world situation that uses the architecture it is built on to protect itself, but nothing more.
This is naked on the internet, please feel free to use it to break through. Smash away, get creative. Let’s see what the pieces look like after and figure out how to make it better.

Please note, when you use any characters outside of the letters and numbers, it may be interperted as shell code and executed as is. I know, crazy, but it makes testing exploits against it really easy. However, this could be a problem if you just want to listen to music, so I suggest you do not bother with any punctuation. Just write out a few keywords of what you are looking for is about all it needs.

Hack away at the jukebox

Or just listen to some music.

http://jukebox.c51.wtf - It was never about the music. It was about testing a new kind of security policy.
Someone might be hacking in right now, I’m just not sure I give a shit.
Hackable Apps. Can you give me a reason to care?
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