Time is Short

This is what late to market looks like. Ages ago, I signed up for a beta for ‘Plex Cloud’, a service I use delivered through the cloud. After I signed up, it got me to thinking, what does it take to run a service like plex in the cloud? How does it handle data transfer? Could it autoscale to my needs, and theoretically provide the optimum service at the optimal price?
So to find out, I built my own plex in the cloud service, to test and validate the answers to my questions, and I called it CloudPlex.
It worked so well, I forgot about the excuse emails I was getting about delays in the Plex Cloud service. But they did it. They are now offering Plex in the Cloud.
A new option in my menu, problem is, I’m not sure I care enough anymore to want to try it.

Situation Updated

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